Dear Neighbours,

As a father, resident and community leader I want to see my City and all my fellow neighbours thriving, growing and succeeding. I want to help create a city that is made for its residents and create an inclusive, fair and affordable society in which everyone can succeed.

I believe this can be accomplished through a strong voice and leadership at Regional Council. A voice that will advocate for programs and policies promoting job creation, balanced with a keen eye on keeping the quality of life in Brampton affordable for families. We as a municipality need to think big and bring a grand vision with fresh new ideas to the table, so the community develops with the best interests of the residents of Brampton as a top priority.

City building is bigger than just one person or one idea; it requires strong voices, proven leadership, bold ideas and the support of the people. I want to foster the trust my residents have in me and together build a city that is worthy of them.

I want to be your voice! Together lets build a City we are proud to call home; let’s build Brampton Together!

With thanks,


Gurpreet Singh Dhillon

Regional Council Candidate for Wards 9 & 10




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