Brampton, we’ve only started to scratch the surface of our potential. And as the next term begins, I have a vision for a better Brampton and my 5-point plan will ensure that Brampton is on track to becoming a world-class city.

  1. Minimize tax increases: With the majority of tax revenue going to staff salaries, a leaner government with less bureaucracy is required. This includes removing wasteful spending; salary freezes; and a balanced tax base through more business and industry.
  2. Transit: I believe Brampton must become a regionally connected city. The priorities will be to revive the Hurontario-Main LRT; connect Airport Zum to Pearson; commence all day GO Train service; and reduce fares for students and seniors.
  3. Community Safety: As the city experiences continued growth, it must adapt accordingly. This requires updated policies, increased patrolling and visibility, quicker response times, and a more representative voice at the Region.
  4. Diversity: A diversity audit is required to ensure that going forward, the city’s processes and hiring practices are fair, inclusive, and equitable regardless of one's age, ethnicity, background, socio-economic status, or ability.
  5. Smart Planning: With 20 years left until full growth, there is an urgent need for Brampton to re-evaluate outdated planning processes. This means that the city must focus on mixed-use communities, more employments lands, and easing traffic congestion.

Let’s continue to work together, and let’s continue to move Brampton FORWARD!

On October 22nd I hope I can count on your support once again.


Gurpreet Singh Dhillon 

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